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The secret ingredient is Popeye’s at one Calif. restaurant

Tuck in: there’s a lot to digest here.

Sweet Dixie Kitchen in Long Beach, Calif. prides itself on selling from-scratch southern cooking according to its website and social media. However, the “from scratch” part is getting torn to pieces by critics online.

A Yelp user posted a one-star review that called out the restaurant for serving up Popeye’s chicken on its items instead of chicken they made themselves. Tyler H from Los Angeles said in his post that he and his friends spotted people bringing the chicken in by the bucket-ful, so he ordered the chicken and waffles to check. Sure enough, he claimed it tasted “suspiciously” like Popeye’s, and that the server confirmed to him they did outsource their chicken.

Dixie’s owner Kimberly Sanchez defended the decision to bring in outside chicken, claiming it’s no different than bringing in other food prepared elsewhere, such as gumbo from a farmer’s market friend or “small batch local producers.”

Tyler H felt that didn’t line up with a decision to re-sell Popeye’s as a “scratch” menu item, and charge $12.50 for it. He challenged the restaurant in an update to his review to put in their menu that they proudly serve Popeye’s.

Several social media posts featuring Dixie’s menu items with chicken were later removed. Their description of the restaurant also changed to say: “We stay faithful to our southern roots- big flavor with conscious healthier cooking methods (except that darn chicken that we bring in) and seasonal perfection.”

Image: Sweet Dixie Kitchen / Instagram


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