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The Spice Family: Avec Tous Spice Company

Avec Tous, meaning “With All” in French, is an appropriate name for a new and innovative spice company here in Baton Rouge, created by locals Lance and Christy Faucheux. The couple met while working in a restaurant kitchen, and their love of good food continues to bring them together with their newest endeavor, Avec Tous Spice Company.

Lance grew up cooking with his father and hearing his Cajun grandmother speak French. After working in professional kitchens, he was inspired to create a spice that was familiar to Louisianians, but also unique.

“Everyone wants a spice with their name on it. It’s a cool thing to have, but no one makes it truly theirs. I’ve always mixed up my own concoction—a lot of thought goes into it, stuff is in there with a purpose. When I cooked something, it was almost everything off the shelf,” Lance said.

Lance and Christy hoped to create a seasoning authentic to Louisiana cooking, using real, natural ingredients. With this goal in mind, Avec Tous Spice Company was born.

One thing that makes Avec Tous stand out in a sea of Louisiana-inspired spices is the lack of iodized salt. Lance didn’t intentionally design it to be a low-sodium seasoning, but because of its use of quality ingredients, Avec Tous just is, without losing any flavor.

“Say No to Iodized Salt,’” Christy says. “It’s actually one of our hashtags on Instagram, which I think is hilarious. We use really good sea salt instead.”

Avec Tous Spice Company doesn’t believe in having any “weird” additives in food, and it offers a positive alternative to most spice blends that do. It’s a spice blend anyone can use, which is in part where the name comes from; using the seasoning is an act of togetherness. Being a true Louisiana spice, Avec Tous contains, among other ingredients, the Holy Trinity of onions, bell peppers, and celery, for the full Cajun cooking experience.

It’s perfect for those moments when time is short and you aren’t able to chop up a bunch of different vegetables, or you realize you forgot to pick up an onion at the grocery store. Avec Tous has everything you need to create a delicious meal.

Lance and Christy both grew up cooking with their families and continue that tradition with their own children, Leonidas (7) and Maximus (6). They both agree that learning by experience is the best way to fully immerse yourself in cooking. Lance always loved cooking, and after several other careers, he quit everything to become a prep line cook. After just a few months, he had worked his way up to Sous Chef before becoming an Executive Chef. After that, he worked and studied under several executive chefs in the area, learning as much as possible about  preparing meals and cooking great food.

Christy grew up watching the Food Network and cooking with her mother and grandmother; by about age 15, she was in charge of grocery shopping and cooking for her family because she enjoyed it so much.

Later on, she also worked in restaurant kitchens and catering, gaining experiences that she now incorporates into running Avec Tous. Avec Tous has become the Faucheuxs’ full time gig; not only do they provide their signature spice, but they also offer private cooking lessons, meal prep, and in-home catering. Christy hopes to offer more classes, like an introduction to proper knife usage. It has become a true family affair, as they include the boys whenever they can. Leonidas and Maximus help put the labels on the spice bottles.

“The labels are not always straight but that’s okay, it doesn’t have to be perfect. It’s so cute. We really do all of this together,” Christy said. Avec Tous is truly all in the family. The Faucheuxs hope to expand Avec Tous even more, adding other spice blends available for purchase. Christy says a spicier mix is definitely on the horizon. The original spice blend is a good base for other mixes; Christy didn’t want it to be too spicy that their boys wouldn’t eat it.

Avec Tous goes well with everything- meat or vegetables. It can be used as a barbecue rub or blackening seasoning; Lance has even used it to cure meat. But Christy, Lance, and the boys all love it on their fried eggs; it’s a must-try.

If you’re looking to purchase Avec Tous seasoning, it’s available at both Calandro’s Grocery locations as well as Iverstine Farms Butcher, and Oak Point Fresh Market. It’s also available online at www.avectousspice. com. They’ve shipped Avec Tous all over the world. Christy and Lance can also be found serving up samples at Mid City Makers Market once a month.

Images: Kristine Stone


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