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The Sports Troll: LSU wins a series it couldn’t possibly lose … now what?

The LSU baseball team swept Alabama.

That’s the good news. Those are three much-needed wins in the chase for the SEC Championship and also for seeding in the NCAA Tournament.

But the bad news is that it would have taken pigs flying, mountains moving and seas parting for any other result to take place.

Folks, Alabama baseball is horrible – so bad that it’s almost impressive at how oh so very good they are at losing baseball games.

Baseball is a game of high variance. On any given day, anyone can win or lose and the percentages which separate victory and defeat are razor-thin.

Even the best teams lose close to 20 games a year – if not more. Likewise, the worst teams win their share – often somewhere around 15 or 20 games, as well.

But this Alabama team is a whole another animal. They’re the kings of ineptitude – a five-star creature at losing baseball games and looking miserable while doing it.

The Tide’s body language throughout the LSU series was miserable. They looked every bit of a team that’s won just two SEC games in 21 tries. As soon as something goes wrong, the entire team lets out that collective gasp of, ‘Here we go, again.’

It’s sad, really. But in its own way, it’s almost impressive that in a game with such parity, one team can be so darned good at being so darned bad.

Regardless of Crimson Tide ineptitude, LSU did show some good signs in the series – namely with its bullpen pitching.

Alex Lange was … meh?

Jared Poche’ was … less than meh.

And Eric Walker looked like a freshman pitching on the road in the SEC.

But the Tigers made up the difference with clutch performances from its bullpen, consistent, clutch hitting and quality defense.

Keep that up and more wins will follow – even when not facing the team that’s far and away the worst in the SEC.


The NFL Draft came and went this past weekend, and honestly, we turned in this Troll a little bit late because I wanted to see exactly how everything would play out.

A total of eight Tigers were picked in the seven-round draft and eight more who were undrafted have announced on social media that they’re going to be playing in the NFL as undrafted free agents.

A couple of observations:
-I LOVE the pick of Jamal Adams to the New York Jets. I think Jamal is a big city guy and a high-level football player. I think he has the ability to produce on the field and the pizzaz off it to become an all-around big star. I fully expect big things right away from Adams. He’s that type of special player.

-Leonard Fournette is in an awful situation in Jacksonville, though, there’s a chance it will get better. The Jaguars have not had a 1,000-yard rusher since 2011 when Maurice Jones-Drew had the last productive season of his career. Since then, many have tried, but all have failed – in part because of Jacksonville’s inability to find a consistent quarterback, which allows opponents to stack the box. But with Tom Coughlin running the ship, I do see a sliver of hope, but in no way do I expect Fournette to have a break-out year like Ezekiel Elliott had last year. He just doesn’t have that same kind of help.

-I have a feeling that Malachi Dupre is going to have a lengthy NFL career. I don’t think he’s going to be a star, but I do think he can be productive – despite being a late-round pick. There’s no better situation to be in than in Green Bay, either. If they can’t drag it out of you, then it’s just not meant to be.

-I fully expect Dwayne Thomas and Lewis Neal to make rosters next year. Thomas signed a deal as an undrafted free agent with the New England Patriots and Neal inked with the Dallas Cowboys. Both guys were a little bit unappreciated and underrated in their LSU careers. I think both have the goods to play at this level.

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