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The Sports Troll: Questions and a few answers

The Houston Rockets are out of the NBA Playoffs.

I’ve finished watching “Prison Break” on NetFlix.

School sports are over, so I don’t have many events to cover for my day job.

Guys, I’m a bored troll!

So your questions are welcome.

Most are about LSU football – as always.

But I particularly enjoyed the non-LSU stuff, which always seems to find a way to entertain me.

You guys come up with some crazy stuff.

Q: What do you make of the transfers LSU is getting into its program? (Asked by Gary H., Houma)
A: I don’t really like using transfers to help stock a program, because those players usually come with off-field issues. But in this case, I think LSU is taking advantage of a weakening Texas Tech program and are making themselves better. In Breiden Fehoko, the Tigers are getting a thick, athletic lineman who will likely be able to play either defensive end or defensive tackle. Both of those positions are invaluable to a football team – especially one which competes in the always-physical SEC. Jonathan Giles is even better. Giles caught 69 passes for 1,158 yards and 13 scores last year as a sophomore. Yes, those stats are likely inflated because of the system, but anytime you can get a 1,000-yard receiver for free, you can’t exactly say no. I like both moves. I think it’s like a JUCO transfer – except better. Both guys have proven they can play major-conference ball.

Q: Yo, Mr. LSU baseball hater – are you ready to say the Tigers are a national seed yet? (Asked by CheatedAndGotCaught, Gray)
A: Nah, I’m not. The Tigers still need to win a series at Mississippi State and probably also a game or two in the SEC Tournament for me to be all the way sure. You call me a hater, but I think I am just a realist. This LSU baseball team is limited. They have a limited amount of arms and a limited amount of game-changing bats. When all the cylinders are clicking, yes, they’re good enough to win against anyone. But I maintain that the margin of error is smaller than it has been for other Tigers teams.

Q: Settling an argument with friends: Who was better? JaMarcus Russell or Rohan Davey? (Asked by Billy Joe, Baton Rouge)
A: At LSU? JaMarcus Russell – without question. In Russell’s final season with LSU, he completed 67.8 percent of his passes with 3,129 yards, 28 touchdowns and just eight picks. That’s ONE season. For Rohan Davey’s entire career, he had just 29 career touchdowns with 4,415 yards and a 59.8 completion percentage. Russell’s career stats dwarf those numbers, generating 52 touchdowns and 6,625 passing yards. I love Rohan as much as anyone, but there was a reason that JaMarcus went No. 1 overall in the NFL Draft: he was damned good at LSU – one of the best in school history.

Q: How far do you think the LSU softball ladies can make it in the NCAA Tournament (Asked by Rainie, Hammond)
A: I just knew someone would ask me about softball today. I think LSU has got to be very, very careful in its Regional this weekend. Fairfield ought to be a cakewalk, but both McNeese State and UL-Lafayette have very quality programs. Assuming LSU gets out of the weekend, the Tigers will likely face either Georgia or Florida State in the Super Regional. LSU swept Georgia during the season and I think Florida State isn’t a terrible matchup for LSU, either. I think Super Regional is expected and College World Series is a greedy pick.

Q: LSU started 0-1 last year. This year, they play BYU. Can the Cougars do what Wisconsin did? (Asked by Lin K., Baton Rouge)
A: Honestly, no, I don’t believe they can. Wisconsin beat LSU, yes. It was a big surprise to everyone around the country, yes. But they also were one of the better teams in the country, too. BYU isn’t. The Cougars will not have the depth of skill players to stay with LSU over the course of a 60-minute game. Maybe I’m wrong. But I don’t think LSU will struggle with the Cougars like they did against the Badgers.

Q: Do you think Les Miles will ever get another head coaching job? (Asked by Chad N., Michigan)
A: A Michigan man asking about Les Miles? Not a big surprise. Will Miles coach again? I think that’s on his terms at this point. Surely, there will be some small school out there who will eventually offer their program to him as a publicity stunt/recruiting tool. If he gets antsy enough, he may bite and take one of those jobs – just to relieve that itch. If he expects to get back into the major conferences, he better aim small – like a Kansas State once Bill Snyder retires or maybe something like Indiana or another program without a winning history. None of the major powers will want him at this point. Why would you? Aside from the fact that the game passed him by five years ago are questions about age. Even if successful, you’d only be getting him for a few years. That’s not exactly good for recruiting.

And for some non-LSU questions, let’s geaux!

Q: Will both the Warriors and Cavs be undefeated in the playoffs when they meet in the Finals? (Asked by Blackberry)
A: If the Celtics don’t win Game 2 at home against Cleveland, they’re getting swept, so I will say that the Cavs make it through without a loss. But I will answer no to this question, because I think the Spurs will steal one from the Warriors in San Antonio. Popovich is too good. They’ll find a way to luck into one to make it a five-game series.

Q: What’s the Pelicans plan for the offseason? (Asked by Rodney, Gretna)
A: They’re limited. If they re-sign Jrue Holiday, they’re all the way out of money for years to come. If they don’t, they run the risk of not attracting a top-tier free agent, which would likely make Boogie Cousins’ time with the team begin to skate on thin ice. They have no draft pick, and the team’s owner confirmed this week that both the coach and general manager are on thin ice. I can get that with coach Alvin Gentry. He’s only had two years. But Dell Demps has proven time and time again that he’s one of the worst GM’s in the entire NBA. There’s no other GM in the league that could have had this little success for this long of a time period, while keeping their job.

Q: Settling a debate with friends. What’s the best thing on the ice cream truck? (Asked by Chad L., New Orleans)
A: I’ve not had anything off the ice cream truck in at least 10 years, so my opinion is very, very watered down. But I like a good, ol’ fashioned drumstick. Anytime I can get a waffle cone, chocolate and ice cream, I can’t argue too much. A close second would be a Strawberry Shortcake popsicle.

Q: Will you buy Big Baller Brand shoes? (Asked by Nick H., Italy)
A: I can think of much better ways to spend $500 than on shoes for a basketball player that’s never made a bucket in the NBA.


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