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The Sports Troll: So much can change in a week

So much can change in a week.

Hell, so much can change in an inning.

Last week, everyone was in a panic, and fans were preparing to marinate Paul Mainieri, then set him ablaze.

But after a big comeback series win, then a mid-week victory against UL-Lafayette, all is seemingly right in Tiger World again – at least for now.

But that newfound calm didn’t stop you guys from asking some pretty good questions this week, so let’s dive right into our mailbag of LSU-related goodies.

Q: How many games does LSU have to win in the fall for it to be considered a successful season? (Asked by Jack, River Ridge)

A: I am a 10-win season kind of guy. It’s probably mental, but there’s just something about seeing that second number in your win tally that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. But for LSU this year, getting to 10 wins would be more than a success. It would actually be a sign that Ed Orgeron is capable of doing amazing things as the Tigers’ coach. The reason why I say that is because of the schedule. The Tigers play an extra SEC road game (thanks Joe Alleva), and they also have Alabama on the road, as well. That won’t be easy. I think 9-3 is my baseline for what the Tigers must do to have a good year.

Q: Will the comeback at Arkansas be the start of a huge LSU baseball streak? (Asked by TalkingTiger, Baton Rouge)

A: I doubt it. I’d love to think that every, single problem the LSU baseball team has is suddenly now gone, but what I see with my eyes tells me that there’s still plenty of work to be done. The Tigers simply can’t hit well enough to be that dominant team that we all hoped they would be. Heck, since big comeback against Arkansas, the Tigers have scored a grand total of 5 runs in 18 innings. That won’t cut it. I think LSU is a solid club, but nothing more.

Q: What position concerns you most about the LSU football team? (Asked by Alice, New Orleans)

A: Thank you for the question, Alice. We, obviously, have a large, male-heavy audience in our mailbag, so it’s nice to get some females asking questions every once in a while. My answer to your question is two-fold. First, I want to see better play from the LSU linebackers, obviously, but I’m also hoping to see better production from the punter position. I know that punting isn’t exactly a sexy thing, but when a football team has one who can boom it 60 years on a whim, it’s a huge weapon. LSU didn’t have that last year – not at all. If that position can get better in 2017, it will help Dave Aranda’s defense big time, because they’re a group that is already stingy.

Q: Besides Alabama, what game on the 2017 football schedule worries you the most? (Asked by Matt, Thibodaux)

A: Nothing in the non-conference schedule worries me. LSU is going to crush BYU, Syracuse, Troy and Chattanooga – all by multiple touchdowns. Honestly, the game that probably worries me the most is that dog-gone Florida game in The Swamp. The Gators beat LSU last year, and they’re going to have a lot of players back off that squad. I think Coach O will have his guys ready for revenge, but that whole situation just sort of stinks, and I think it’s going to be a tough game for LSU to win, given the circumstances.

Q: What is your weekend prediction for LSU baseball this weekend against Ole Miss? (Asked by Carol, Shreveport)

A: Gosh, this team is so hard to get a feel on. I’ll say the Tigers will win two out of three games, but I can see literally any scenario playing out. I want to see Jared Poche’ pitch better, though, regardless of how the series goes. He’s been pretty bad his last few starts. The Tigers need him if they want to have any shot to advance in postseason play.

OK, now for a couple non-LSU questions.

For our LSU-only audience, it’s back to YouTube videos of the Blue Grass Miracle for you.
But for everyone else, let’s keep the train rolling.

Q: You picked Sergio to win the Master’s in this Q&A. Good job. Any other picks before I go to Vegas? (Asked by Tito, Metairie)

A: The Sergio pick was pure luck. I want to also remind you that I picked Dustin Johnson, and he fricken fell off a cliff and couldn’t participate in the tournament at all. But for the sake of having some fun, I will make this pick: Take THE FIELD over the Cleveland Cavaliers in the Eastern Conference Playoffs. The Cavs aren’t playing well right now … at all. Someone is going to beat those guys. The Eastern Conference isn’t as bad as it used to be.

Q: You’re a NetFlix snob. I see you Tweeting about shows all of the time. Give me a few shows to pass the time during my upcoming trip. (Asked by Mary, Houma)

A: You must be going somewhere pretty boring if you’re planning to watch NetFlix during your vacation! But smart Alec remarks aside, I will recommend two shows for you. I’m hooked on “Prison Break” right now, and also “Orange is the New Black.” Both shows are about prison, but both are polar opposites. One is naughty and funny. The other is serious and bloody. But both glue my eyes to the screen for hours.

Q: What did you make of the Superstar shakeup on WWE? (Asked by Joe, New Orleans)
A: Eh, it was OK. I think Raw got much better than Smackdown did, but that seems to be the natural order of things in the WWE. I look forward to seeing Bray Wyatt feud with Finn Balor. That is going to make for some unbelievable matches!

I’m out. I’ll be back with a series preview tomorrow. To send questions next week, email me at gisclaircasey@gmail.com or Tweet me: @casey_gisclair.


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