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The Sports Troll: The sky fell, then it rose back into the heavens again

The sky fell on Friday night and Saturday afternoon for the LSU baseball team.

The Tigers got crushed on Friday night, then were down 8-1 in the late innings of Saturday’s game two.

Of course, this meant another likely series defeat for a team that’s hungry for wins. Perhaps more importantly, another loss would mean more gasoline for fans to pour on the fire of anger that’s surrounded this team for the past several weeks.

But much like the team’s magical 23-game winning streak in 2008 and much like the Rally Possum magic last year, something crazy happened on the infield dirt of the baseball complex in Fayetteville, Arkansas.

Instead of spreading (like we all thought it would do), that fire that encompassed the LSU baseball community suddenly weakened, then extinguished altogether.

And just like that – with the bat of an eye and with no apparent warning, all was seemingly right in the LSU baseball world again.

The Tigers nine runs in the final three innings of Saturday’s game, including five in the ninth inning to score a miraculous 10-8 win – one of the best comeback victories in the history of Paul Mainieri’s tenure with the program.

LSU had no chance to win that game. It was so “done” that I turned it off and went back to spend time with my family – something I NEVER do, but did yesterday.

They were down 8-1 in the seventh inning, then 8-5 going into the ninth.

To get the ninth-inning magic was exactly that – magic.
The Razorbacks were stunned then, and apparently they were still stunned on Sunday, as well.

In the series finale, LSU finished the job, scoring a 2-0 shutout victory to win the series against the Razorbacks, pushing the team to 7-5 on the SEC season.

The hero in that game? He’s a true freshman pitcher named Eric Walker – a guy no one had heard of before the season started.
He pitched a complete game shutout, getting countless double plays to send away Arkansas without a run.

Wow, just wow.

That’s all I’ve got to offer to you all today – the words “wow, just wow!”

Look, my job in this column is to analyze and give witty opinions about what’s happening in the world of LSU sports.

But the events of the past weekend have me thinking that I should change the name of this column from The Sports Troll to The Sports Mute.

I have nothing.

I don’t know how to explain what happened, nor do I know what it means for the future.

Will this LSU team ride this momentum and finish the rest of the season strong, or will this be a repeat of the Florida series where the Tigers showed some life, but then quickly wilted back into a mediocre status quo?

I honestly, don’t have a clue.

So that’s where we are right now in the Sports Troll world. It’s April 9, the LSU baseball team has completed four SEC series, and I have no earthly idea if this team is good, bad or somewhere in between.

I lean to believing that this will be the spark that ignites a big-time run, but a lot of the team’s warts still aren’t fixed.
The offense was good for three innings on Saturday, but was putrid for the rest of the series.

The pitching was good on Sunday, but was bad for the rest of the series.

But the venom surrounding the fan base is cooled – at least for now.

The sky fell, but now it’s hanging back in the heavens again.
How long until it falls again, I don’t know, nor do I have any way to predict.

I’ve played that game before and have been dead wrong.

So for now, I’ll just sit back, watch and enjoy it while it lasts.


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