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The Sports Troll: What’s not to love about Derrius Guice?

I love writing this blog because I’m a journalist by trade and honestly, the whole “fair and balanced” thing gets old after a while, so having a space to show some personality and express how I feel about certain topics is something I genuinely enjoy doing.

So for today’s column, I want to do something that I could never do in my day job as a sports writer: I want to express my man-crush and fandom for one of LSU’s best and most likeable players.

So here goes: I love me some Derrius Guice.

I do.

I’ve watched him compete for the last two seasons, of course and I follow him on every social media outlet.

The guy gets it and is someone I’m proud to call a Tiger.

On the field, Guice is a beast. By now, we all know that to be fact – even rival fans who root against LSU.

But think about his career path for a minute. To me, that makes this all the more impressive.

This is Guice’s junior season.

But it’s also his first season as a college starter.

He’s was a backup behind Leonard Fournette in both his freshman and sophomore seasons. Of course, you’d never be able to tell because he never whined, bickered, complained or threatened to transfer, which is the sexy flavor of the week in college football today for all players who aren’t immediately in the starting lineup in their careers.
Guice is about as good as Leonard Fournette is. He could have easily resented the LSU star because he was taking a lot of the headlines, glory and fame.

But he never did.

Instead, he learned from Fournette and became close friends with him.

At freshman move-in day yesterday, Guice was wearing a t-shirt with the No. 27 – an ode to Fournette, because that is his number in the NFL.

That takes class and it tells me that Guice has his head in the right place when it comes to being a team leader.

But off the field is perhaps why I like Guice the most.

The dude is a riot.

Whether it’s doing a Euro step, then bowling a ball behind the back for a strike or posting a photo of himself jumping on coach Ed Orgeron’s back (it’s impressive how easily Orgeron can carry a 220-pound man), Guice is a fun-loving kid who has seemingly perfected the balancing act that is being a standout football player with NFL aspirations, but also a college student finding himself at one of the best places in the world to go to school.

I enjoy seeing it.

It’s a rarity in today’s sports scene.

The guy’s made a fan out of me.

That’s not easy to do.


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