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There is still time: Get fit for Spring Break 2016

Mardi Gras is next week, and Spring Break is fast approaching. For many people, those words bring on a sense of panic or urgency. Self-image problems aren’t very easy to hide in a bathing suit.

Although everyone should be confident in how they look, some of us would like to make a few changes before beach season. Chris Melancon, who is a personal trainer at RedStick Fitness, and Zach Kinsley, who is the owner, gave their input on how to go about getting ready for spring break.

First suggestion? Kinsley says you should make sure you have a plan you can stick with.

For specific routines, Melancon suggested the 5/3/1 strength routine, along with the three-day workout split commonly referred to as a PPL (push pull legs) regiment.

“With this routine, you would work out your chest, shoulders, and triceps the first day. You would work your back and biceps the next workout session. Finally, you would workout your leg muscles coupled with abdominals on the last session,” he said.

Although it’s tempting to work hard, Melancon and Kinsley both noted it was very important to adhere to stay within your comfort zone.

Kinsley, who played basketball for LSU, mentioned that in his first year, the team trainer changed the way he approached working out.

“I would be carful with random celebrity workouts you find online,” Kinsley warned. “My first year at LSU, our trainer completely opened my eyes to all the things I was doing wrong in the weight room. Ever since then, I have been very skeptical about most online workouts. If you are completely new to working out and really want to get serious about it, a personal trainer is a great way to start on the right foot.”

His reasoning is that too many people do not know how to work out properly.

“I see too many new people come into my gym and blow it out the first day with a crazy, intense workout,” Kinsley said. “After that I don’t see them for a month. I would recommend no more than 3 days a week to start.”

“Always stick with programs that are meant for your experience level,” Melancon also emphasized. “I have heard of people who have attempted to work out twice a day as a beginner. Their muscles aren’t conditioned enough to attempt something this advanced, and they risk burning muscle if they aren’t eating enough.”

Although important in maintaining weight loss, working out isn’t the only step that needs to be taken.

According to Melancon, “80 percent of losing weight is diet. Working out just helps the process.” However, he made it clear which there are way to and not to diet.

“Fad diets are a common go to for people,” Melancon said. “These diets pop up all the time: Only vegetable diet, juice everything diet, etc. When someone begins a diet like this, they are only losing water weight, which comes back as soon as the diet is over. Even worse, they risk crashing their metabolism and actually gaining extra fat once they get off these starvation diets.”

Both of them offered a similar, healthy diet strategy: caloric restriction.

“Caloric restriction is best and safest way to lose actual fat,” said Melancon. “For a beginner to lose those 25 pounds, a diet with 300-400 less calories, along with some low-intensity cardio, is going to be necessary.”

Chris has been researching this subject for his E-Book on caloric restriction.

Melancon and Kinsley went on to offer a few general tips about fitness.

“I would make sure to do some cardio every day,” said Kinsley. “This does not have to be intense cardio at all, but even twenty fifteen minutes a day will supercharge the fat burning process.”

“Take a multivitamin everyday. It helps balance out your body of any micro nutrients that you may not be getting from your diet.” Melancon said, “Always be sure to drink enough water too, it helps regulate almost every bodily function.”

Although only 18 years old, Melancon is a certified and insured personal trainer. He is also training for the Teen Physique Nationals in Pittsburgh on July 21st. Kinsley, former college athlete, is the owner and a personal trainer at RedStick Fitness. Most of their knowledge is real, firsthand experience, so they both have come to know a lot about what works and what doesn’t in terms of dieting and working out.


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