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These local greeting cards have wildflower seeds so they can be planted, not thrown away

Darian Graivshark moved to Baton Rouge to be a reporter for a newspaper, but on the job she noticed the plethora of unread newspapers that are thrown away every day. To repurpose these newspapers in an effort to help the planet, Graivshark created Phresh Press.

Phresh Press sells handmade greeting cards created from recycled and reused paper scraps. Graivshark combines newspapers she accumulated at her reporting job, as well as old greeting cards and other papers she finds. 

Graivshark knew she was onto great ideas when she thought of making cards out of recycled paper, but these cards still take up to four months to decompose. To make the project even eco-friendlier, she began putting wildflower seeds inside the handmade paper. After the card is read and appreciated, the recipient can plant the card in soil and a flower can grow in its place.

Phresh Press was created out of Graivshark’s desire to recycle and reuse, therefore helping the planet in any small way she could.

“The Amazon Rainforest just caught on fire which is not a great thing at all,” Graivshark said. “When you think about how we’re cutting down so many trees to make cards and stuff, it’s nice to know that you took old paper and made it into something new. You’re giving it back to the earth.”

Graivshark says it’s important to try to help the environment even if it’s only in little ways. Everyone’s small efforts can combine to make a big difference.

“If you listen to things that are happening—even outside of the news—it’s so important to make sure that you try [to recycle],” Graivshark said. “I think every little step that we take at home will make a difference.”

In addition to cards, Graivshark also makes coasters (not plantable), pet portraits and gift tags for the holidays. For orders and commissions, message Graivshark through her Instagram or Facebook or email her at phresh_press@aol.com.

Graivshark’s art will also be available at Yard Art hosted by Brickyard South on Sunday, Dec. 15 from 4 to 7 p.m.


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