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These local spots are nailing the veggie burger

Whether you are vegetarian, doing a meatless Monday, trying to watch that cholesterol count or just trying to lower your meat intake, a veggie burger can be a real treat and wildly satisfying when it’s done right (but it does have to be done right). Lucky for us, some local Baton Rouge spots are nailing it. 

There are two paths to a good veggie burger. First is a house-made patty made from fresh vegetables – this won’t taste like beef burger substitute, but when done well, it makes a really flavorful sandwich. There are some notable ones in town: 

District Donuts has a veggie burger slammed with flavor from it’s long but well thought out ingredient list: black bean, brown rice, beet, garbanzo bean, mushroom, eggplant, oat, date, onion, jalapeño and garlic. Two patties come with double Havarti cheese, and it’s paired with Havarti, sweet soy glaze, arugula, caramelized onion-tomato aioli. It all pairs so well together, but be warned – it’s a messy burger worth tackling. 

Bistro Byronz gets a special shout out for being early to the veggie burger game. They have been serving their red bean, pecan, mushroom, carrot and zucchini burger for years, and it’s a great one. In perfect Bistro style, it brings a southern flair to the dish. 

Bumsteers makes a healthy option that’s simple and fresh. Not Your Father’s Burger is made from quinoa, cauliflower and black beans and paired with a garlic, mushroom and onion spread. 

Curbside’s veggie burger is pretty classic as far as patties go. What makes this burger great is when you add any of Curbside’s killer topping choices, turning into another delicious option.

The second type of a good veggie burger is one of the mad science-style beef substitutes types like Beyond Meat or The Impossible Burger.  These are fun to try even if you are opposed to a non-beef burger because the meaty flavor they pack in is wild for something meatless. There’s a great option for each in town:

Atomic Burger makes the best Beyond Meat burger I’ve tried anywhere. The patties are thin and crispy and pair so well with their standing Atomic burger for a classic greasy burger vibe sans the beef.

The Chimes carries The Impossible Burger, and they do a great job on the cook. Beyond Meat is the brand you may have heard about because it “bleeds” somehow, despite its lack of animals, and it’s also carried at Burger King now. The BK version tastes like, well, fast food, but The Chimes version tastes like a meaty, well-cooked option. Definitely give it a try. 


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