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This Month in DIG: August

So by now, I’m sure you’ve gathered that this issue is all about art, save a few stories about sports, outdoors and food. I’m not going to lie and tell you I know tons about the art community. I’ve been to some local art events and definitely appreciate art as a concept, but I never took an art class at LSU or made a visit to the Louvre. But once we started work on this issue, I began to feel more connected with the art community, and it wasn’t just because I got to know several Baton Rouge artists. As I read their stories, I understood them better because, really, the process of making DIG each month is like creating a work of art. Please don’t stop reading yet—I promise I’m going to back this up.
Building DIG from the ground up involves a certain level of planning and creativity, and just like working on a painting or sculpture, it requires a certain amount of trial and error. Every month, the DIG team asks several questions throughout the making of the magazine: Will this photo work for the cover? Should we adjust the color on this font? Is the beginning of this story attention-grabbing? Are we portraying Baton Rouge accurately?

But once we figure out the answers to all of those questions, we’re left with a product that captures what Baton Rouge has to offer—just like a painter is left with her painting.

With this issue, we built a magazine around the stories of artists in Baton Rouge, and when we were asking ourselves the questions that ended up being the building blocks of the magazine, we chose to not just feature artists in the traditional sense, but to expand the horizons of who an artist could be. We talked to an LSU student painter, but we also caught up with a comic book inker and a travelling photographer. We wrote about a painter, but covered how fashion inspires her. We met musicians who work in the design field.

By reading this issue of DIG, we hope you are inspired to see the artistic side of what you do day-to-day, or to just know a little bit more about the multi-faceted artistic community Baton Rouge has to offer.

Rebecca Docter
DIG Baton Rouge


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