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This month in Dig: January 2018

Here in southern Louisiana, food is life.  Everything we do—from Mardi Gras to birthday celebrations, family gatherings and even funerals—involves cooking, serving and eating food. When I used to visit my grandmother, no matter the time of day, her first question was always “You want something to eat, baby?” Even if I indulged her and had a plate of whatever was on the menu that day, she always encouraged me to have more. “Eat, eat,” she would say.

This is our culture. Yes, we are the most overweight state in the Union. We are also the happiest. I’m not saying that there is any correlation between those two things, but I’m not saying there isn’t.

We gather around tables to share food and share our lives. Life-changing moments center around meals, along with important discussions, political debates, friendly sparring, and family prayer. Food is love.

In this issue, we found plenty to love right here in Baton Rouge. From locally grown organic produce to an on-the-rise personal chef who started his catering business at the young age of 18, we’ve taken a look at the ever-growing food scene in this city.

And then, of course, there is Restaurant Week. Twice a year, Baton Rouge slips into their stretchy pants and plans an entire week of dining out. There are some familiar faces participating, but we’ve got new eats to try as well. Jay Ducote hit us with his “must try” list for this event and I have no idea how he was able to narrow it down when there’s so many delicious options.

Here at DIG, a lot of heart goes into putting on Restaurant Week. We work hard to make sure it’s the awesome event you guys have grown to love. And when that week gets here? Well, we indulge just like the rest of you.

So, I know it’s the New Year and we’ve all made resolutions to do better, but a little indulgence won’t hurt. I say we resolve to appreciate the amazing food we have here in the South.

Eat out. Try a new recipe at home. Have a potluck with your neighbors. Grow your own produce. The possibilities are endless.

Bon appetit!

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