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This Month In DIG: November 2017

This month we reached out to you—the readers—to learn about some of the problems facing Baton Rouge.

And boy did you guys answer!

While no city is without its problems, our dear city seems to be struggling more and more each day. After such a difficult year in 2016, we expected an upturn for 2017. Thankfully, some things have improved, but others seem to be dragging us down.

It was fascinating to hear from our readers, to learn which city-wide issues are affecting each of you, to learn your ideas for improving the Red Stick. Your voice was heard and the answers were as varied as the people who live here. Some of you told us about problems with infrastructure, litter, crime, while others called out blatant racism and a lacking night life.

While we at DIG agree that there are plenty of things to vent about, we also know that there are plenty of things to celebrate. Baton Rouge is resilient. We are caring and helpful in times of need. We are hospitable, welcoming strangers and family to our city with open arms. We embrace our culture and showcase it in almost everything we do. We know how to have a good time. We are loyal and enthusiastic about local talent.  This is only a short list of all the good in BR. For more, check out The Last Word on page 66.

This issue is meant to be a call to action for the residents of Baton Rouge. We challenge each and every one of you to ask yourself, “What can I do to make my community better?” Yes, we are all concerned about  traffic, crime, education, local government, and more. But what are you going to do about it? It’s easy to sit at home ranting and raving about these issues, but angry Facebook posts have never made any significant difference in the world.

If you need inspiration, go to your favorite spot in the city (one of mine is the Main Branch of the EBRP Library system). Soak it all in and be reminded about the good that resides in the capitol city. Look to our youth, your children, and vow to provide a better future for them. Visit with your grandparents and promise to keep moving forward, continue progressing, in their honor. Instead of being a passive Baton Rouge, let’s get active. Things will not get better on their own. We’ve got to rally together and become the change.

This is our city. Let’s make it a place that serves everyone, welcomes all, and makes us proud to call it home.

Season Vining
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