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Three in One

By Tara Bennett


Lovers of Dizzy Arts are in for a special treat as the 11th installment of the art party series expands into three locations, making for a citywide experience.

The event will kick off on Saturday, August 1 at Chelsea’s Cafe on Perkins Rd. from 7-10 p.m., then continue at Atomic Pop Shop on Government St. from 10 p.m. to midnight, and end at the Spanish Moon on Highland Rd. from midnight to 2 a.m. This will be the first time Dizzy Arts has broadened their scope to include more than one venue.

“We wanted to step it up, and we didn’t really know how other than just taking people around town and showing them the different venues the city has to offer,” said Adam Carrillo, co-owner of Dizzy Arts and local music producer.

Never been to a Dizzy Arts party before? Each Dizzy Arts party serves as a way to showcase Baton Rouge artists “in a gallery of the senses” that spans art, music, and fashion. Bands are given an opportunity to perform original songs, visual artists display new artwork, and fashion designers feature the latest trends. This melting pot of art serves as a low-key way for artists to network and obtain exposure.

Major features for August 1 include local indie rock group Ship of Fools, clothing designs by Rachel Detloff, and live painting at Atomic Pop Shop.

“This is the first time Atomic is going to have live painting at their venue,” said Carrillo. “It’s kind of exciting because the piece that’s going to be worked on is a collaborative piece by artists who have been in several of our shows and met through our shows.”

Artists on display include David Losavio, Jake Fontenot, Neda Parandian, Gabriel Aguilar, Shane Leggio, Nima Parandian, Dominique Giosa, Chase Scribbles and MIchael Decuir at Chelsea’s Café. William Thomas, Julianna Papa, Alexa Wolfkiel, Sarah Losavio, Avery Kona, and Kayla Decoteau will be on display at Atomic Pop Shop.

Music for the evening will feature Soul-Child & the Babas as well as Taylor Stoma at Chelsea’s Café, Phargo and Ship of Fools at Atomic Pop Shop, and Summer Fits at Spanish Moon.

The timeline setup includes a 45-minute window between each venue to give attendees enough travel time. Attendees also have the opportunity to use the Uber system, should they wish to partake in alcoholic beverages.

“This is the second time we’re teaming up with Uber, and they’re actually offering people two free $10 rides for first time users if they use our code,” said Carrillo. “That’s actually going to be a big help taking people venue to venue.”

Expanding to three venues comes with added work, but according to Carrillo, he and co-owner Davy Goldsmith have a great team that made this venture possible.

“Now that we’ve kind of grown a little bit, involving more people has allowed us to expand a lot more and kick some things off of my mind and Davy’s so we can think about how we can make it work at three venues instead of one,” said Carrillo.

Some of the key players with the running of Dizzy Arts are event manager Travis Eudey, band manager Ben Bryan and Keiton Smith, who is in charge of sound. Eudey keeps the flow of the show moving and handles everything behind the scenes. Since the party will be in three locations, his work has tripled, but he is excited about the new change.

“It’ll be nice just to change venues, and every location will have something a little different,” said Eudey. “I think as a society we do well with a change of environment.”

As band manager, Bryan has worked with several of the bands that will be featured that night and is looking forward to Dizzy Arts expanding its reputation.

“[It] gives people a chance at different places where they might not have heard of us to experience a Dizzy Arts party and see what we’re all about,” said Bryan. “This is probably one of the biggest events Dizzy Arts is going to grow, and we’re really excited about it.”

“I feel it really helps the artists, and I find it rewarding to know that I’m trying to help someone achieve a goal that they’re passionate about,” said Eudey. “I believe that we provide a night of culture and entertainment that a lot of people would enjoy if they knew about it or would give it a shot.”

Tickets for Dizzy Arts are $5 online and $7 at the door per event. There is a pre-order ticket package for all three events at $10 at EventBrite. For more information about Dizzy Arts and their upcoming events, visit dizzyarts.net.


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