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Thrift shop: Need to fill out your spring wardrobe? Thrift it.

It’s almost May so, chances are, you’ve already done your annual spring cleaning. But once you clean out your closet, you may find you need a few extra pieces to even out your wardrobe.

It’s no secret that looking in a thrift or consignment store can be a better use of your time and money than a regular boutique or department store.

But thrifting, as fun as it is, can be difficult and time consuming, so here are some tips to look over before you set off on your journey:

1. Have a style or outfit type in mind before you start shopping. Thrift and consignment stores can sometimes be unorganized, so you have to know what you’re hunting, or it’s easy to get frazzled.

2. Just because it’s inexpensive doesn’t mean you should buy it. I’ve bought far too many tops and bottoms that don’t fit quite right just because they’re less than $20. Even if something is inexpensive, you should make sure it fits as well as something that’s expensive, or you’re throwing your money away. If something is too good to pass up, consider the cost of tailoring in your purchase price.

3. If you find something you like, consider how it will pair with other pieces in your wardrobe. Yeah, that sequin blazer is cute, but will it go with your already colorful closet?

4. Wear the right undergarments when you go shopping. Panty lines and the wrong bra can ruin an outfit, and if you can’t visualize what the clothing you’re trying on will look like in your actual life, you may end up buying something you won’t wear, or missing out on something you would wear.

5. Don’t shop with a friend, unless you can still make your own decisions. Friends can be…distracting. If you’re shopping just to have a good time, friends are great buddies. If you’re shopping to actually buy things for your wardrobe that you’ll wear, it might be a better idea to go alone so you can focus better.

6. Wear slip-on shoes. There’s nothing more annoying when you’re shopping than when you have to constantly untie your shoes. Sandals will make everything easier, especially if you don’t want your feet to touch the floor.

7. Devote a day to shopping. Thrifting can take a long time, and rushing the process will just lead to frustration. Instead of just shopping on your lunch break, take a few hours on a Saturday to fill out your closet.


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