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Tickled Pink

Watches, shoes, purses and even engagement rings have undergone a pink makeover as of late.

Rose gold has risen in popularity over the past couple years as an alternative to traditional gold and silver. Each season sees more and more of our favorite accessories being made in the blush hue. It’s no secret the fashion world is thinking pink right now, but there’s more to this metal than just its pretty color.

Rose gold has actually been around since the nineteenth century. The Russians were one of the first to wear it – hence the old nickname “Russian Gold” – before it eventually spread and became fashionable in other parts of the world. The pinkish hue comes from the copper alloyed with yellow gold. Depending on the amount of copper used in the process, shades will range from a deeper red to just a slight pink undertone.

A major reason for rose gold’s appeal is its versatility. It works as a neutral, going well with different color schemes and complementing most skin tones. It also adds a softer, more feminine touch without being flashy. Pair a few rose gold accessories with neutral-colored business attire for a work-friendly look. The metal even goes well with its gold and silver counterparts when done correctly. A classic example of this would be Cartier’s trinity ring design, which includes three intertwining bands of white, yellow and rose gold.

Because copper is a relatively inexpensive metal, rose gold jewelry prices are based on the weight of the gold. Just like with white and yellow gold, the higher the pure gold content, the higher the price. There is plenty of imitation fashion jewelry being made the shade as well, so don’t fret if that Michael Kors watch is out of your price range.

The rose gold trend isn’t limited to just jewelry; clothing and makeup are also a part of the movement. Department stores and boutiques across the city have growing selections of rose gold items, giving plenty of options for incorporating the color into your wardrobe. Whether you’re looking for vintage-inspired glamour or just a few refreshing touches, rose gold is sure to have you tickled pink.


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