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Tiger Tailgating Style

By Yuwa Vosper


Before coming to Louisiana State University for graduate school, I had never tailgated. Not once. Never. I had no clue what to wear. but I thought, “Well, it must be sporty and it must be comfortable, right?”  Wrong!  Arriving to tailgate for the first time, I wore a simple LSU V-neck top I found at Victoria Secret and khaki shorts. I looked around and immediately felt underdressed. It was clear that game day isn’t about comfort, but it is an opportunity to show off your personal style. LSU lawns were filled with purple and gold skirts, maxi dresses, matching ensembles, and boots. I knew for the next tailgate I had to change my game plan.

These days, I am more prepared for football games and tailgating. However, my main goal has not changed, which is comfort. Can I call it comfortable chic? I think I will. During game day, there is so much to take into consideration, such as weather, season, and stadium rules. The amount of walking is another huge factor to consider. LSU is already a large campus, and it can be miles between your car to the tailgating site and the stadium.

For this reason, I always start with shoes. I know I am going to be in grass so I prefer closed shoes. Sandals can easily break and the last thing you want is to hobble around with a broken strap. Additionally, the Louisiana air is becoming cooler. It’s time to break out the cowboy boots, ankle booties, and animal print flats. We all know Tiger fans do not sit during games so these shoes must be comfortable to stand in for hours.

Along with the boots, don’t forget to add a fedora or wide brim floppy hat as an accessory that not only complements your ensemble but also offers warmth during a breezy game. Now, we are adding practicality and style.

This weekend, we are playing one of our biggest rivals, Alabama Crimson Tide. I chose some ensembles that could get anyone some extra time on the Jumbo Tron.

Look One: Bohemian

For the first ensemble, I decided to choose more bohemian pieces. Since it will most likely be slightly cooler, I picked a long maxi skirt, which would allow it to look fluid when the wind blows. The maxi skirt acted as the base of the look and I arranged the garments around it. Keeping with LSU colors− purple and gold− I added a purple-cropped singlet worn under an animal print kimono blazer. To maintain a bohemian style, I used fringed accessories: a cross-body bag and ankle booties. For the final touch, I chose a floppy brim fedora hat, which can also cover hair that has been standing in the sun all day.

Look Two: Classic Feminine

For the second ensemble, I decided to choose more feminine details to create a classic but on trend look. The focal point was not the Kenzo tiger necklace but the lace insert scalloped blouse. Pairing the blouse with a pair of gold shorts enhanced the gold accents. The finishing touches were the animal print loafers and the bow detail shoulder bag.

Look Three: Trendy

The third ensemble is more trendy and daring. I noticed skorts are a growing trend in tailgating style and nothing creates more attention than an animal print skort. With such a bold pattern, the skort had to be the foundation that you build the ensemble. Next, I chose a blouse darker than yellow or gold but keeping with fall colors. The large tiger necklace is the main component that showcased team spirit. Pulling the ensemble together, the accessories stayed true to purple and gold. I added a dark purple fedora and small wristlet paired with the key component− ankle boots.

These three ensembles are some ideas to get you excited for a memorable night in Death Valley, where if you decide to storm the field after an exciting victory, you will have comfortable footwear and a great ensemble.


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