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T-I-G-E-R-S, B*tch!

By Andrew Alexander

LSU’s passionate fan base was on full display Saturday night during the men’s basketball team’s thrilling double overtime victory over Georgia in the Pete Maravich Assembly Center. Seconds after the Tigers forced a second extra period, ESPN cameras captured LSU’s most intense fan in attendance wildly cheering on the Tigers. Kiana Maria Rogers, a freshman business management student from Franklin, La., was caught enthusiastically celebrating the Tigers and shouting a cuss word on national television. The video has since gone viral and has made Rogers an Internet celebrity.

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DIG Magazine caught up with Rogers – aka the #TigersBitchGirl, to get her thoughts on LSU basketball, being compared to the LSU T-Rex and who exactly is her celebrity doppelganger.

DIG: Have you always been such a rabid LSU basketball fan?

Kiana Rogers: I actually haven’t watched LSU basketball since Shaq was there, but I am a basketball fan in general. So of course I will support my school, and then on top of that, they are actually a good team!

DIG: Who is your favorite player on the LSU team?

KR: My favorite player is No. 1 Jarell Martin! I love his work ethic. I never see him give up, and he also has humbleness to him that I appreciate a lot.

DIG: Have you always been such a passionate sports fan or were you just caught up in the moment the other night at the LSU basketball game?

KR: I am always intense when it comes to basketball. I was a manager for my high school’s basketball team, and when they would “turn up” on the court, I was right there with them.

It’s something I can’t control.  It just happens!

DIG: Why did you decide to shout “bitch” at the end of your cheer?

KR: Georgia thought they were going to win and they were getting just a bit too pumped in our house, so I felt disrespected! It just came out. It wasn’t really a decision. It just happened with my intensity.

DIG: Were you aware you were on camera during the chant?

KR: I had no clue! I always cut up, but I never thought someone was going to get me on camera.

It is one of those things that you think, “Oh that won’t ever happen to me.” But hey, it did. Shucks!

DIG: Deadspin.com described your cheering as “Louisiana intensity.” Gow would you describe it?

KR: I think that is very appropriate. I’ve never seen anybody get down like somebody from the Boot. I think Louisiana intensity is a perfect way to describe it.

DIG: What’s been the reaction by your friends and family after they saw the video? 

KR: My family is trying to get me on “Ellen,” and my friends are teaching me how to keep myself trending on Twitter. They are pretty supportive.

DIG: Why did you decide to create a Twitter account after this went viral?

KR: I wanted everyone to know who I was. Not to be famous, but just to be like, ‘Hey that was me, Kiana! How y’all doing?’

DIG: You’re already drawing comparisons to Caleb Bates, the LSU T-Rex. What’s it like to be compared to another LSU viral legend?

KR: I think it’s fun! I look at him as my fellow turn-up-for-LSUer. Like a partner in crime, it’s cool!

DIG: Have you received any criticism for cussing on national television?

KR: Of course! I have read a couple of things. Someone even said that I should wash my mouth out with soap or something.  Like I said before, it just happened in the moment. It’s funny because I actually don’t curse normally. Like ever.

DIG: On the Internet your looks have drawn comparisons to Helena Bonham Carter, Lorde and Darlene Conner from the television show Roseanne (Sara Gilbert). Who would you say is your celebrity doppelganger? 

Kiana: None of them! I totes look like Mila Kunis!

DIG: I see people referring to you on social media as the #TigersBitchGirl. If you could pick your title, how do you want people to remember you and this chant?

Kiana: As long as they keep the word “girl” at the end, it’s fine the way it is. It sums it up! It’s definitive!

DIG: What’s next for LSU’s most intense fan? Will there be an encore at the next LSU home basketball game?

Kiana: I am definitely going to be at the next home game, and if it is half as good as this last game, then yeah, keep your cameras on standby!


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