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By Tara Bennett

With the changing of temperatures creating brisk winds, many people in Baton Rouge will be bundling up. Except for the Spanish Moon, where tasteful side boob will be plastered on the walls during the art show amatorious vibes: an erotic art experiment. The show will be held on Thursday, Nov. 19 from 8 p.m. to 2 a.m.

For one night only urban artists of Baton Rouge will invite the general public to experience “a blend of sight and sound for a sensory experience brimming with creative energy.” amatorious (feminine for erotic) is a Corporate Slave Productions event, and is coordinated by local artist Becky Bond.

“I came up with the idea after talking with artists around town who haven’t necessarily shown or got into a gallery or other shows,” said Bond. “People find their subject matter a little more underground and a lot of it had to do with sensual photography, drawings, nudes, things like that, non-traditional stuff and I was intrigued by that.”

After the success of previous art show Cru$ade, Bond went on the search to find new, engaging artists and decided to give the artists she spoke with a venue of their own, as they have not gotten the opportunity elsewhere.

“I felt that some of their subject matter was also considered underground and I thought it would be a nice follow up to Cru$ade,” said Bond. “I try to find art, love and beauty in places where others may not think to look.”

The show focuses on eroticism, but not necessarily just the body. According to Bond, attendees may see some fetishism and some nudes, but also other, ordinary things that are used or seen every day, but still give mental pleasure.

“What you find erotic may have to do with the human body, or it may be that first cup of coffee in the morning,” said Bond. “It’s for each individual artist to define what they see as erotic.”

The art show will have things to cater all the senses, including live body painting by Alex Crappell, underground beats, and live spoken word.

According to Bond, there will be around 20 artists including: Ravell Xiv Robinson, Lacey Elaine Thomas, Bri Stevenson, Emily Amelie Moody, Wesley Potter, Caralyn Durham, James Mathis Kane, Peter Excho, Austin Hoshman, Trevor J. Art, April Nicosia Jones, Javon Jenkins, Michael Terrell Decuir, Tex Smith, Pruez Art, Jill Mulkey Art, Catlin Jacobs and Ruthie Longstreet.

Music lineup includes DJs Mi5ta Clean and RickyB, 1point5, Altr8 and DJs Chicago House and Deep House. Tunes for the night include drum ‘n’ bass, breaks, tech house and UK house music. Spoken word performances will be done by Brittney Morse and John Hohensee.

“We are very excited to provide a complete sensory experience for the crowd where once again we are finding art, beauty, love and unity in unexpected places,” said Bond.

Tickets for the event will be $8 and is recommended for mature audiences. For more information, visit facebook.com/events/880792351997940/.


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