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Transition From Working Out to Going Out



Though I consider myself stylish, often you’ll find me wearing workout attire. As an avid runner recovering from an injury, I spend most of my time in physical therapy, followed by classes, then running or cross-training. Most of the time, I just can’t drive all the way to my apartment and change, so I pack key clothing items or accessories to help me dress up my athletic wear. Since I spend most of the day doing some type of fitness, my athletic clothing must be stylish and functional to transition from the gym or a run to classes, errands, or a gathering. My goal is always to be functional but stylishly layered wearing fun accessories.


Leggings, Capris, and Crops


Whenever I am going to be attending a casual gathering, I often make sure that I wear leggings, capris, or crops to the gym. Capris and crops resemble leggings and can easily be paired with flats, and are more appropriate than shorts, especially the super short spandex kind. For a more casual polished look, cover your workout tank with an oxford cardigan, sweater, or light jacket depending on weather. I prefer my workout leggings and with intricate designs and patterns with the tops and outerwear in a basic solid color.




In the summer, shorts are inevitable. It is too hot to wear leggings or crops especially if you are a runner, and it’s too hot to add an extra layer. In the blistering heat, I always bring another shirt to wear with my shorts, since o one wants to be seen purchasing groceries or running errands in a sweat-stained shirt. My favorite tops to wear are the Piko brand – soft and loose so they don’t cling to the skin. Keep some folded in your trunk, then replace your sweaty shirt with a cool, clean top.


Opt for solid color shorts when transitioning from a workout to errands, since solid colors are easily paired with a loose bohemian top or fun tank top. Look as effortless as possible even if you put extra care in your wardrobe.




When I run, I usually wear a Garmin watch. I know some people who never remove their Garmin watches, but I do not wear mine daily, so I chose a basic design in a fun color. It acts as my simple jewelry when I am running errands or attending a casual gathering.


The key item to look effortless after a workout is sunglasses. From aviators to large round frames, a pair of sunglasses easily enhances athletic attire. For purses and handbags, I prefer a cross-body bag or an oversized tote. I have no middle ground. My handbags are either extremely large or small. An oversized bag can fit all your workout gear, iPad, books, and notebooks while a cross-body keeps your hands free.


Ballet flats are not the only choice of shoe to wear in the workout transition. You can choose sandals or Converse sneakers, or just keep on your athletic shoes. Since athletic shoes now come in such a wide variety of colors, designs, and patterns, they are functioning more as a fashion accessory. And of course, hair is not the best after a workout. Bondibands keep your forehead and hair from absorbing sweat and can be a better alternative to a baseball hat.


There are many stylish methods to enhance any ensemble after a workout. There’s no excuse to say, “I don’t have time to work out.” No one really has the time to work out, but many make it a choice. It doesn’t matter if have only 30 minutes to work out before a small gathering. Use this advice to easily transition your athletic wear without having to drive home and change garments.


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