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Transitioning With Indefinite Seasons

By Yuwa Vosper

In Louisiana, there are no defined seasons. It is either hot or cold, but mostly just hot and humid. This leads to the question, “What do I wear?” If you’re like me, the first thing you do is check the weather app on your cell phone and prepare. Oh, it’s going to rain…again. Let me make sure I bring my umbrella or rain jacket. It also means that your chances to wear that nice, new peacoat will most likely be few and far between.  So, again, I ask how do you navigate your wardrobe in the land of indefinite seasons?


Layering. That nice cool breeze feels great, but as soon as you put on a coat you will suffocate. Instead of a coat, choose a sweater in a wool fabric worn over a button-down shirt. If that makes you feel too bulky, then opt for a cardigan sweater in a rich color or texture. Wrap, cape, or cropped jackets are another alternative. The now trending fringe kimonos offer warmth and style to any ensemble without adding any bulk.


Another great aspect of the weather moving from 98 to 80 degrees is that it gives you an opportunity to play around with accessories.  Try pairing a wide-brim floppy hat with a three-quarter-sleeve shirt, denim, and low booties. If you want to look more bohemian, wear a poncho belted over jeans. However, ponchos can be tricky if not worn in proportion to your body. To get that bohemian look, the poncho should be neither too wide nor too long for your frame. One tip is to make sure the poncho does not extend past your knees before you belt it.

Also slightly cooler air does not mean that you can immediately start shopping for winter clothing – although I’m not stopping you. In fact, I’m most likely right behind you on the way to peruse the latest winter merchandise. However, you can just reinvent garments you already own making it fall worthy. Wear a button-down shirt under a sheath dress to create a chic office look that is equally as work place appropriate as pairing it with a cardigan. If you really want to go bold, you can wear socks with open-toed heels like the most recent street style stars. However, it will take plenty of confidence to pull off this look.

Still, as soon as we get excited and start bringing out our fall clothing, the next day will most likely be 98 degrees again. This is why we need options and outerwear that can be easily removed to suit the weather. So, maybe we don’t need clearly defined seasons like other states. At least in Louisiana, we can wear shorts and skirts until November.


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