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By Rebecca Docter

No single sound defines Baton Rouge. Our musicians cross all musical spectrums and we’ve listed five bands that need to be on your next party playlist. These incendiary acts may not all be new to the scene, but they’re already locked into solid grooves of their own. Best of all, you can still catch them at intimate venues—but probably not for long.

england in 1819England in 1819

Debuted: 2009

Origin: Made up of Andrew and Dan Callaway, England in 1819 started making music in 2009.

Latest record: Summer Lightning EP (Oct. 2014).

Sounds like: Breaking away from a typical band arrangement, England in 1819 makes use of instruments ranging from synth to French horn.

Hear this: “Pine.” Mixing electronic sounds with haunting vocals, this track transports listeners back to the ‘80s while still keeping them grounded in the present day.

Cred: Band members Andrew and Dan are brothers.

In 2015: The band released a music video for “Lights” in April.



Debuted: 2014

Origin: Burris began when its members, who were also LSU students, started playing shows around Baton Rouge.

Latest record: Full-length to be released this summer.

Sounds like: Combining Jazz, rock and funk influences, Burris’ sound can’t be tied down to one specific genre. One thing that ties all of the band’s music together, though, is soul.

Hear this: “Mind on the World.” A soft indie rock-sounding track, Burris delivers a melodic tune with great lyrics to match.

Cred: Members of the band have shared the stage with Grace Potter.

In 2015: The band is currently on its summer tour.


secret annexeSecret Annexe

Debuted: 2001

Origin: Switching band members a number of times, the band has been active on and off for nearly 15 years. Once furiously active on the Baton Rouge scene, the band has been relatively quiet for the last few months.

Latest record: Deviations, released in January 2013.

Sounds like: Reminiscent of bands like Neutral Milk Hotel and Velvet Underground, Secret Annexe delivers a classic sound perfect for long drives and extended study sessions.

Hear this: “Cancel Your Plans” takes listeners straight back to the ‘90s with a soft rock sound guaranteed to make them reminisce about the old days.

Cred: The band’s name is a reference to Anne Frank’s secret annexe.

In 2015: They band has stayed quiet for the last few months.


see schaff runSee Schaff Run

Debuted: Caroline Schaff, the band’s frontwoman, has been performing since she was a teenager, but See Schaff run has been performing together since August 2014. They decided on a name in January.

Origin: The band met at LSU and was performing as a backing band for Schaff until it came up with a name.

Latest record: The band is looking forward to recording its EP.

Sounds like: Playing sweet indie melodies with honest lyrics, See Schaff Run writes music that makes listeners want to sing along at shows.

Hear this: “Sound of the Sea” is like a more soulful version of an Ingrid Michaelson track with lyrics that are easy to relate to.

Cred: Members Chris and Scott are also members of the band Burris.

In 2015: The band’s next show is Aug. 12 at Gasa Gasa in New Orleans. A music video is currently in the works, which the band will use to promote a Kickstarter to fund its EP.


stone rabbitsStone Rabbits

Debuted: 2007

Origin: The band is made up of Ben Burbrink, Logan Sellers, Blake Sellers, Greg Rider, Kenny Rider, Sambo Bachrack, who were brought together through friendship and a love of music. Originally from New Orleans, many members were and are students at LSU.

Latest record: “Useless,” the band’s latest track, is streaming online.

Sounds like: Stone Rabbits create carefully produced blues rock with a more youthful twist.

Hear this: “Useless” brings that true blues rock sound with clean production to create an easy listening tune.

Cred: Won LSU’s Battle of the Bands in 2011.

In 2015: The group has been playing shows and writing music in preparation for a new release.


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