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‘Twas the Night Before Thanksgiving

By Catie Santos

For the many college students who flock home for the holidays, the night before Thanksgiving, also known as Thanksgiving Eve or Dranksgiving, is the most popular night of the year to go out, hit the bars, and party until the AM. Students return home, reunite with old friends, and on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, head out for a night of nostalgia and alcohol. So just why is Thanksgiving Eve so popular?

1.   No School

This is the longest break we have during the semester, so take full advantage of it! You don’t have to worry about waking up for class the next day, or even the day after that, so you are allowed to rage without limits. Even if you do have schoolwork, the break allows you plenty of time to fit in studying and visiting relatives in addition to partying hard on Thanksgiving Eve. Treat yourself to one more weeknight out before finals descend upon us. This evening also allows you to completely give into your shameless side. An anonymous source described her adventure in New Orleans last Thanksgiving Eve, saying “I snuck into a bar, ate all their free popcorn, then fell asleep on the bar. I never bought anything.” On Thanksgiving Eve, anything goes!

2.   High School Reunion

Large groups of college students returning home + going out with hometown friends = Homecoming, college style, at the bars. Thanksgiving Eve is the night to see and be seen, to catch up with old friends and to avoid frenemies. Rebecca C., 21, has attended Thanksgiving Eve “every year” and recently described why the holiday is so meaningful to her. “There will definitely be lengthy toasts commemorating friendship and how far everyone has come,” said Rebecca, LSU philosophy and psychology student. “Nostalgia is in the air and drinks are in your hand—the perfect combination if you happen to run into your old high school fling.” Rebecca’s best friend and co-Thanksgiving Eve expert, Sadie H., a Tulane student, also adds insight into why Thanksgiving Eve is great. “Someone always ends up hooking up with a rando from high school, which is always entertaining!” Take the chance to socialize and show off in a way that can only happen one night a year.

3.   Parents

In high school, you had to hide alcohol from your parents. Now, not only do your parents allow you to drink, but probably encourage it on the holidays. So allow your parents in on the Thanksgiving Eve fun by hosting the pre-party. You get all the fun of a high school pregame without the fear of getting caught with a handle of vodka in your hands. Plus, they’ll probably buy you alcohol and give you money for the night out. Definitely ask your parents for a ride on Thanksgiving Eve, so you don’t have to deal with driving, finding a cab, or watching how much you drink. Chalin explains that on Thanksgiving Eve, “You don’t have to worry if you exceed your limit – chances are your mom misses you so much from you being away at college that she’ll willingly pick you up from the bar.”

4.   Thanksgiving Meal

Thanksgiving is a hangover present almost handcrafted for you. The day is filled with food, football, and relaxation – the perfect way to recover from a night out. No matter what you prefer to eat to treat a hangover, chances are it will be on the table – carbs, sweets, greasy food, alcohol, water, or just plain bread and butter – you name it, it’ll be there! Since you’re still young, chances are you won’t have to help prepare for the meal and so will be able to sleep in and wake up to a perfectly prepared buffet. Chalin says that “there’s no better cure for a hangover than Thanksgiving dinner the next day. No one will even question your need for an afternoon nap!” Nurse that cranberry vodka-induced hangover with cranberry sauce, and eat your heart out this Thanksgiving.

5.   LSU vs Texas A&M

Treat the night as a pregame for the Thanksgiving Day away game matchup. Chances are, you’ll be too exhausted or full to party for the game, so fit in your last bit of Tiger partying for the season. Request game day songs and start chants in the bar. It wouldn’t be a true Thanksgiving Eve without getting an entire bar to chant the crude lyrics to “Neck.” Best of all, everyone out partying is almost guaranteed to be a Tiger fan, so you don’t have to worry about a competitive atmosphere – you get to just have a great time celebrating your team and preparing for the next day’s game with like-minded individuals. Although it’s never a bad time to drink in honor of the Tigers, this is your last opportunity to let football season end with a bang.


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