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Valentine’s Day massage: Massage therapists on the benefits of couples massage

When many people think about a Valentine’s Day date night, they think about flowers, a nice dinner, wine and being with the one they love. Massages are also a popular gift at Valentine’s Day, or just something that couples try to incorporate into their Valentine’s festivities. Massages are a good way for couples to spend time together and bond by relaxing.

Mandy Holiman, a massage therapist at Ability Massage and Day Spa in Baton Rouge, said that getting a couples massage gives the couple the ability to reconnect one-on-one in a tranquil environment.

“Any time that you can get away from the rat race together as a couple, that’s a luxury,” said Holiman. “Of course, when I say luxury there is therapy involved in massage therapy, but in general when it comes to a couples massage, they’re here to relax and get away from the world. We’re really glad to be able to give them that opportunity.”

Megan Olano, a massage therapist at Massage Envy, said that getting a massage with your significant other is also a great way to “sort of reboot your system,” and have that reboot of the body with the person you love.

“When you get a massage you feel comfort,” said Olano. “You feel rejuvenated after a massage. You also feel like your body and mind are at peace with themselves. After a massage you feel like everything is just running a bit smoother. ”

For those who can’t make it out to a spa for Valentine’s Day, at home massages can be just as beneficial for the body and strengthening a relationship.

“I would suggest looking up massages on YouTube, but you have to be careful with that,” said Holiman. “You have to make sure you’re going to a legitimate video, but YouTube has a lot of good massage tutorials. I think that’s a very excellent thing for people to do.”

Olano said that “It’s not about the flowers, the plush robes, the cucumbers over the eyes or the whole spa thing. It’s just about getting your massage, your body feeling better, your significant other’s body feeling better and just being with them. It’s getting swept away into that relaxation together.”

Being able to help people relax, rejuvenate, and reconnect is a big part of why these massage therapists do what they do.

“I feel like I was called to do it,” said Holiman. “I’ve always been very interested in connecting with people on a deeper level. And I’m very interested in helping them find alternate means of well-being than traditional methods that are out there. I love people, and I just feel very blessed to be part of the best part of their day.”

Olano said a big reason why she got into massage therapy were the benefits that massages had on her own life.

“I’ve been interested in massage therapy ever since I got an injury in high school,” said Olano. “Massages were the only thing that really helped me get over the injury, and I just really love health and wellness and helping other people to feel better. ”

The benefits of massages extend far beyond just easing tired muscles. They can be a way for people to relax and grow closer together in a stress free environment. Whether it’s at home or in a spa, anything that can help you connect with the one you love is beneficial.

Massage Envy and Ability are both booked for Valentine’s Day this time around, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t help you on other days of the year. For more information on these spas you can call or visit their websites at massageenvy.com and abilitymassage.com.


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