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We tried Cannatella’s hot sandwiches — here’s what we think

There’s no lunch more satisfying that a crispy, cheesy, meaty sandwich, and Cannatella’s has 4 perfect ones to choose from. 

We sampled Cannatella’s muffuletta when they opened and were thrilled to discover that the layers were perfect – a true homage to the classic sandwich. Little did we know, they would soon expand to include three other sandwiches and make it utterly impossible to pick one. So we ordered them all! 

Until 2 PM, Cannatella’s offers a short and simple, but truly delicious menu of pressed sandwiches in addition to their muffalettas and hot boudin. 

Too to bottom, the lineup includes: 

Meatball Poboy – the kind of meatball and sauce you expect from an Italian grocer – more tender, flavorful and juicy than anything I could ever make (I’ll only speak for myself, but it’s probably true for most of us). It’s topped with cheese and served on poboy bread. 

The Porchetta Pete – roasted pork with herbs and garlic, spinach, pepperoncinis, mozzarella, provolone, parmesan, romano, lettuce and mayo on a ciabatta bun. Porchetta is slow roasted, so it’s tender and flavorful and it all shines on this sandwich. 

Italian roast beef sandwich – the classic roast beef sandwich you expect. When you order a roast beef sandwich, you expect it to be garlicky, rich and tender (there’s nothing more disappointing than when it isn’t). This one hits all the notes and satisfies all the cravings. 

All sandwiches are hefty in size and less than $10. Give them a try at 3869 Government Street.


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