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We’re Not Dead Yet!

These old ladies will rock your face off

At some point in our lives we’ve all thought about what it would be like to be in a rock band. You’d huddle backstage, maybe say a prayer or chant good morals with your friends before picking up your guitar and taking the stage to play in front of a cheering audience. It’s a thought that, for many, probably didn’t make it past the comfort of singing alone in the shower, but for these Moms it’s a dream they’ve turned into a reality.

Dorothy, Sandy, Debbie, and Kay are Your Mom, like you’ve never seen before. The foursome began their journey together while taking group music lessons from local musician, David Hinson.

“You think you’re just going for lessons and then you find out you’re going to be in a band with other people, and for some people I think that’s scary,” said Dorothy, lead bassist for Your Mom. “But David [Hinson] has this wonderful philosophy that he wants to teach people how to play instruments, be in a band, and actually learn how to have band practice.”

Some of the Moms are skilled musicians learning other instruments, one is checking off an item on her bucket list, but for all of them, this was their first time being in an all female band. Little did they know, that was only the beginning.

When Hinson proposed the band play punk music, a simple, “Nope,” was all that Sandy, the bands rhythm guitarist, had to say until he started to play the music he had in mind.

“I hear [the songs] and I think, oh god no please don’t make me play that. But we start playing and it’s fun. It’s really fun,” said Sandy.

From the likes of the Ramones to Cheap Trick, Your Mom covers everything across the punk spectrum based on what they all like to jam to and what they can put their own spin on.

“We do a lot of covers, but they are obscure covers and we give them the kiss of Your Mom,” said Dorothy.

Since banding together and nailing down songs like Joan Jett’s “Bad Reputation,” Your Mom has started writing their own punk originals with the help of Hinson. Dorothy said the process has been a really great experience for them, “Dave [Hinson] comes in with a riff usually and a concept and we just start spewing things out.”

Playing shows and stepping out into the Baton Rouge music scene as an all female band has really boosted their confidence. Dorothy said in the beginning they were seen as a novelty, but now they just kill it.

“And we’re probably the only old lady band, which I think makes a statement. Damn it, we’re not dead yet,” said Sandy.


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