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Embracing Eclecticism

By Kasha Lishman

Since forming in 2012, West Without has recently released their official music video for “Give Me Your Heart,” an indie rock jam that shows all the sides of the band in under five minutes.

Starting with a folky indie intro, the song breaks into a rocky chorus, followed by a brief, seconds long thrash breakdown, only to pick up back on the folky indie intro they started on. They’ve also recorded one self-titled EP, released soon after the band’s formation.

Instead of focusing on one sound and sticking with it, the band would rather just let the music make itself, allowing whatever song that wants to happen, happen.

“Each of us have unique musical tastes, so we are always pulling things in different directions,” said bassist Alex Holeman. “We’re definitely embracing eclecticism right now. We’re not really trying to write certain kinds of songs, just letting them come out and morph into what they want to be in the practice room. It’s ok to have a dance-y song, followed by a rock song, followed by a world-beat song,”

Their self-titled EP debuted almost a year ago, and since then, the band has been hard at work touring, writing, and creating new music. They’ve played with names like Plain White T’s and Royal Teeth, traveling across the South to spread their sound around, but have also suffered the drawbacks of being a local band trying to make it big.

“As far as touring we did a few small tours last year, but my truck and our band trailer got stolen on our last trip to Houston,” vocalist/guitarist Derek DeBlieux said. “So we’ve taken the last few months off to regroup and have mostly been playing locally. Not all was lost though. My truck was found and returned.”

The band has been working on an upcoming EP in addition to the music video that was recently released through local film company Rougarou Films. The new material that will be featured at the Spanish Moon show is some that will be featured on the new EP, and singles are slated to be released in the upcoming months. West Without is excited for Saturday’s show with England in 1819 and its chance to show a new sound.

“Most of the songs are new, including two brand new songs that we’ve never played live,” DeBlieux said. “Performing the new material will bring a good energy to the show. Seeing a crowd react to a song for the first time is always exciting and there’s that chance that we might all fall on our faces which will keep us on our toes and hopefully make for a good musical experience.”


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