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West Without Wants You

By ZL Boudreaux

The guys in West Without aren’t driving Porches…yet. After two years their sophomore album will be available this Friday at Spanish Moon and their plans for the future are as big as their passion for making good music; a regional tour and a third EP out by February 2016.
Self-funded, self-sufficient and self-recording, West Without is a picturesque example of the modern independent band hell-bent on further solidifying themselves as an act, defining their sound and doing it their own way.
They’ve been compared to Florence the Machine but I would liken the recent album, especially the single “Slow” more to MGMT. Lyrically pleasing with a sweet electronic atmosphere, falsetto harmonizing with the fervid lead vocals all spread gently on the dance-able lower end. If you don’t have good speakers, definitely listen with headphones-there’s a lot going on.
“On the last one, a lot of the songs were written before other guys were in the band. Like I had a bunch of songs and we just kind of arranged them really quickly to get them on an album,” said Derek DeBlieux, guitar/vocals/keys. “For this one it was a lot of time thinking what do we want to be together, we’re a band now, where’s this sound going-it took a little while actually, it’s been two years.”
The album, I Want You, is somewhat a departure from their slightly popish first album, and the change in sound is part of the plan and the result of a closer and more tightly knit group. Three of the four band members even share a house so if you were to say they lived in the studio, it would be no exaggeration.
“It keeps us on the same page, I think as a band you have to put up with each other all the time it’s something I think every band should be able to do or else you’ll end up going crazy on the road. We spend a lot of time doing band things. It’s productive.” said DeBlieux
With two years’ worth of material not everything made it onto the album but according to the band there’s plenty left to work with and they plan on cranking out a third EP by February.
“We probably went into the studio with 15 or 20 songs and song ideas and whittled it down to seven or eight that ended up being recorded and out of those some of them were rearranged and reproduced several times and then out of those we have the five songs that made the album.” said Alex Holeman, bass/vocals, “The ones that didn’t make the record weren’t cut because they were bad, they just weren’t done.”
They’ve shared the stage with national acts like Plain White Tees, Royal Teeth and Panic! At the Disco, and expect to see more of that. Friday at at 9 p.m. they’ll be playing with Mobley for a double-release indie explosion. Be sure to check them out and in the meantime give them a listen at soundcloud.com/westwithout.


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