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Westboro Founder on Deathbed, Sikhs in the Military, Healthcare Mama

LOSER: Westboro Baptist church to continue idiocy after founder’s imminent death

According to Rev. Fred Phelps’ estranged son Nate, his controversial father is on the “edge of death.” This development puts the loathed Westboro Barmy…ahem…Baptist Church in somewhat of a crisis, as one of their core beliefs is that death is a punishment from God – even though it’s founder has allegedly been excommunicated from the church.  Recently, the church’s new leadership has announced their  decision to continue tarnishing the religion of Christianity and shaming the legacy of Jesus Christ after Phlelps’ death. We live in a country where it is acceptable and encouraged to practice whatever faith inspires you, so long as it brings no harm to others. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what the WBC’s teachings are focused on: the mental anguish of others while touting their own spiritual “superiority.” Hopefully no one pickets Phelps’ funeral, after all who are we to judge what he deserves?

LOSER: Military bars enlisted Sikhs from wearing religious dress during active duty

The United States Armed forces has been dealing with an image problem lately and it seems to get worse by the day. Among rampant charges of sexual assault are no allegations of religious intolerance – specifically when it comes to uniforms. Sikhism is a monotheistic religion originating from India and part of a Sikh’s faith is maintaining the natural state of their body. This means Sikh men and women are unable to cut their hair or shave their body hair. Also, men must wear turbans – you can see where this would cause problems for an enlisted person. Granted, enlisted people can apply for uniform waivers based on religious obligation. However, they must comply with uniform regulations until the waiver is granted and that is unacceptable to these soldiers. You’d think in this day and age where the U.S. is home to hundreds of different cultures, even the military would be a bit more flexible.

WINNER: BR mom/actress scares you into getting health insurance

Local actress and mother Ronnie Hooks is the new face of Obamacare – and boy is she scary. you may have seen the ad where Hooks is portrayed as the angry mom telling her twenty-something child to get health insurance, but she had no idea until well after the ad began its run. Hooks’ portrayal of the angry, guilt -tripping mother is very convincing – that eyebrow and glare combo along with the words “Don’t worry about me, I’ll just wait here until you #getcovered” evokes terrifying childhood memories. By the way, the last day to sign up for health insurance is March 31. Hurry up, or your mom will find you.


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