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What do LSU students think Louisiana’s largest environmental issue is?

What do you think the biggest Louisiana environmental issues are, and how could we help improve the Louisiana environment?

Ian Smith
Environmental Engineering
The biggest environmental issue is the loss of Louisiana wetlands. The only way we’ll actually ever see true improvement is if we completely abandon New Orleans and Southern ports to allow Mississippi to flood again normally so that normal balance could be restored to the ecosystem and world.

Ashley Moise
There’s a lot of flooding. Maybe we need to create better drainage systems.

Simone Golder
Women’s & Gender Studies
The disappearing of Louisiana’s boot. The wetland conservation is I think one of the biggest issues. One thing that could be done is throw your Christmas trees in the wetlands.

David Schneider
Religious Studies
The canals. They cut up the wetlands and let the saltwater intrusion happen with extinctions and species. You have to better regulate where canals are built and get the core of engineers involved.

Lauren Marhefka
Mass Communication
When it comes to raining and flooding for a state that typically has a lot of hurricanes, I don’t think Louisiana is prepared as they should be. Even with situations as thunderstorms. I think we should fix the roads to improve surrounding areas and transportation so that you can still do what you need to do and want to do even if it’s just raining.


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