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Who Has The Most Beers on Tap?

By Matt Starlight

Any bar known for their beer will claim they have the most taps in the city. But who truly reigns supreme? We did our homework and counted up the taps on the five biggest beer spots in town. All five of these bars carry dozens more labels than you’re average bar, but only one can be the winner.


  1. The Chimes

Taps: 80

Most Expensive Draft: Green Flash Soul Style IPA: $10

Least Expensive Draft: PBR: $3

Rarest Draft: Founder’s Devil Dancer


A staple in the LSU students’ repertoire of bars, The Chimes has a rich history of overflowing suds for the college community. They’ve got 80 different beers ready to be poured at your request, so getting stale here simply isn’t an option. In addition to their selection of brews, the Chimes also boasts a traditional and delicious menu of Southern classics that the Tigers just can’t seem to get enough of. If you’re looking for a good place to knock back a couple of cold ones while rubbing shoulders with the LSU community, The Chimes is the absolute place to be.


  1. The Bulldog

Taps: 81

Most Expensive Draft: n/a

Least Expensive Draft: PBR + Jameson shot: $5.50

Rarest Draft: Against the Grain Rico Sauvin


A go-to for college kids and local professionals alike, The Bulldog is a typically chilled out and mellow place to grab a couple of pints—that is unless you’re going on Wednesday’s Pint Night, in which case the drinks are flowing and the crowds are flopping. Aside from Wednesdays, The Bulldog is a low-key bar with 81 beers on tap, more comfortable seating than most bars in the city, and a relaxing patio with a gorgeous fountain. Your pups are always welcome, and the constituents are more or less easy going.


3. Draft House

Taps: 95

Most Expensive Draft: Humboldt Black Xantus: $16

Least Expensive Draft: Miller Lite: $1.50

Rarest Draft: Dansk Mjod Ribe Mjod


The name says it all. At Draft House, you’ll never run out of beer options because beer is what they do. With 95 different beers on tap, it’s obvious that they take their name seriously, but that’s not all this local gem has to offer. Draft House is one of the few Baton Rouge pubs that’ll sell you your beers in a flight, meaning you get 4 or so choices of roughly 6 oz glasses. When there are nearly 100 options to choose from, being able to go with a variety pack is a nice touch that doesn’t go unnoticed. Stop in for a flight of beers at Draft House and get a sampling going so you can find your next favorite brew.


2. Corporate Brew & Draft

Taps: 102

Most Expensive Draft: J.W. Lee’s Harvest Ale 2012: $11

Least Expensive Draft: Saint Arnold Santo: $3

Rarest Draft: Flying Cloud San Francisco Stout


Corporate Brew & Draft may be the new kids on the block, but it seems their dad could definitely beat up your dad. Corporate is a spin-off bar of The Cove, known mainly for craft cocktails, but not so much draft beer. This family enterprise is closing the gap now, though, with the new bar that’s just as dedicated to a great beer as The Cove is to cocktails. Represented by only the most informed barkeep, this neophyte is destined to make a big impression on the Capital City with good old fashioned knowledge. They’ve got 92 beers on tap so far, and you’d be remiss not to expect more to come from this fresh face.


pelican house draft

  1. The Pelican House

Taps: 135

Most Expensive Draft: Straffe Hendrick Bruges Tripelbeir 9: $18

Least Expensive Draft: Covington Rock & Roll Summer Farmhouse Ale: $2

Rarest Draft: Parish Brewing Ghost in the Machine


The Pelican House has the widest selection of beers on tap, and their dedication to a prime experience shines through in every other aspect of the bar, as well. There’s plenty of seating, a few couches in the back, sometimes live music, and a delicious menu of lunch and dinner options. All these great qualities are complimentary to their impressive line of taps, so if you’re feeling like you need something a little different, the barkeeps at the Pelican House are always ready with a recommendation.


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