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BR photographer explores Louisiana landscapes and beyond

People say a picture’s worth a thousand words and local photographer, Russell Wild, uses his photos to cultivate a story that displays both the beautiful everyday of Louisiana life while exploring the glory of the unique and stunning locations around the world. His accurately named Instagram, @GeauxWild displays his attention to detail and appreciation for the pure and lush beauty he encounters from varying perspectives. We sat down with Wild to discuss his growing forum.

1. Tell us a little about yourself—who is Russell Wild?
I was born in New Orleans and have spent most of my adult life in Baton Rouge. I am an LSU alumnus and play on computers all day for work. I’m an adventure seeker, who loves pretty much all outdoor activities: hiking, camping, hunting, and fishing being my favorites. I occasionally run 5k’s if free t-shirts and beer are involved.

2. How did you first get into photography? Who were some of your inspirations?
I stumbled onto photography as I started to travel more. I wanted to capture the moments of the places I had been. I have several talented friends who inspired me to take on this new hobby.

3. Tell us about your personal style of photography.
If I had to pick one, it would be landscape photography, but I also like to shoot wildlife, aerial, and everything in between – whatever helps me document the unique culture of Louisiana and my experiences traveling around the world. I especially like capturing images with vivid colors and uplifting scenic views.

4. I notice a good bit of your photography is up close and personal, care to comment on why that is?
To me, photography is just another method of storytelling, and by getting personal in my photos, I’m able to express my story without words. The cool thing about photography is how it allows the viewer to see ordinary things but in an unexpected way – by using new angles and viewpoints, and playing with color, the viewer can see something unusual compared to what they see in everyday life.  I like to capture things that catch my eye, but use the camera to show a different side of it, and up close is sometimes how I do that.

5. Juxtaposed to many of your travel  pictures, I see a lot of beautiful “everyday” sort of images on your Instagram. Why is that?
I post things that I find interesting or beautiful, no matter what it is  I don’t consider myself a travel blogger or food blogger, I just live my regular life and try and capture it and share it with people.  That tends to make my profile pretty diverse.

6. What is it about travel that peaks your interest?
Growing up, we didn’t get the chance to travel much. My first flight actually wasn’t until I was 23 years old. Traveling reminds me of my place in the world – shows me the ways people experience everyday life, and just how different yet similar that can be. I was told that once you start traveling and not just vacationing you will see and experience a side of the world you never knew existed.

7. What sort of equipment do you typically use? What’s a photography essential for you when traveling?
For everyday life, I use strictly my phone. For most of my recent trips, I also bring my GoPro. Phones have come such a long way with their cameras, and I rarely regret not having a DSLR on me. I did just preorder the Nikon d3500. I’m looking forward to the extra battery life and wifi that my old d3300 didn’t have and being able to take night shots again. I hope to go see the northern lights sooner than later and a real camera is a must for that

8. What drove you to create your Instagram/blog? What qualities do you try to implement in it?
It started as a place that would be a visual diary for me to look back on my adventures, and now it is something that I enjoy sharing with others.  I hope people look at my photos and want to be there or feel like they are there

9. Is there anyone on Instagram/other bloggers you use as inspiration?
Surprisingly enough…@myspacetom. He has a great eye and has had the opportunity to visit many places that most of us could only dream of. Also, the @natgeo team. Their ability to show you the way of life from the biggest cities to the most remote parts of the world is interesting to me.

10. How would you like to see your blog/Instagram and photography grow?
I hope I’m fortunate enough to continue doing what I’m doing. I feel lucky to get to share my pictures and my adventures. 100k followers and paid trips across the globe wouldn’t be bad either!

Photos courtesy Russell Wild


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