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Yesterday’s Trash

This is not your typical fashion show; as you probably know by reading the title, “yesterday’s trash.”

What kind of clothes will the models be wearing, you may ask? Host of the event Oriskany Vadamalez, and colleagues are collecting various types of clothing, fabrics and scraps from thrift stores and other local merchants. They have handpicked some people that Vadamalez calls “clothing gurus,” to give the garments new life and a new age to take on the style in today’s world.

Vadamalez and friend, Patrick Harrington, came up with this idea in 2013 while thrift shopping for their own old school style jackets. “[We] thought, wouldn’t it be dope to have a fashion show with a bunch of clothes from the ‘80s and ‘90s, but have actual local designers reconstruct them on site and revive them with a new age twist,” Vadamalez said. They had a fashion show in January of that year. For this year’s show, they are planning to make it bigger and better.

The show is Saturday, Jan. 30 at Spanish Moon, and tickets cost only $10 to see the wonderfully reconstructed outfits on local models. There will be musical performances as well as a silks performance, and much more to entertain audience members.

Everything is local from the models, to the talent, the artists and the patrons. And because of that you can immerse yourself in every component of entertainment, fashion and art that Baton Rouge has possessed for a while but is quickly gaining acknowledgment. This fashion show will surely give you ideas on how to look good while saving money. Just what us college students need.

“It is all old clothing from various thrift stores and old school-ish boutiques around town, the idea is to put back to our local vendors and keep that money circulating in our community,” said Vadamalez, “We actually got the idea for our name from our friends mom ha-ha, we told her the concept and how we would get the designers to repurpose the clothes, and that was the first name she gave us so we just went with that.”

The clothing presented in the Yesterday’s Trash fashion show is not actual trash. Vadamalez says this name generates attention and interest to their demographic. It is not just a fashion show, and they want to make sure people understand that. Some vendors that donated clothing are Time Warp, St. Vincent de Paul, American Thrift, and Purple Cow. Some clothes were donations, but Vadamalez said he had to purchase a few outfits, with an estimate of spending $50-60 thus far. He also said there are still items that need to be purchased, but their budget is $100.

“Making sure to keep everything as local as possible. With the idea to gain exposure for these places and to let everyone know you can do anything with a little effort and little money if you know where to look,” Vadamalez said.

Students studying hair and make-up at Aveda Institute offered to help out with the show. The models are various friends of Vadamalez and crew, who are trying to pursue careers in modeling. This is their chance to show a wide range of people in the city what they are capable of. Residents of Baton Rouge put on the entire show; the main goal of this event is to keep everything local and showcase the ability to make old clothes have a new life by promoting local businesses.

Vadamalez says any items they do not use in the fashion show will be given to a homeless outreach, and a portion of the ticket sales will go to Thrive Academy. Now you know your $10 is going somewhere that needs it! Again, this fashion show is January 30 at Spanish Moon. Round up your squad and go!


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