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A renter’s guide to personalizing decor and design

So, you haven’t made the plunge into purchasing a home yet? Is your landlord strict about making permanent changes to your rental property? No big deal. There are plenty of temporary or removable options that add tons of pop and pizazz to an otherwise generic space. We’ve picked our favorite options here to inspire you to get inspired!

Washi Tape: This colorful or patterned tape is sold at any local craft store and can be used to punch up just about everything. Use it to create frames around photos or posters, create decorative trim around doorways, cover light switches, or even design wallpaper-like prints on an accent wall. The possibilities are endless and so are the many options to choose from.



Upgrade Hardware: One of the easiest changes with a big visual impact is switching out the knobs and pulls on your kitchen and bathroom cabinets. It’s as simple as unscrewing the old and screwing in the new. From sleek looks to bohemian handmade glass knobs, you’re bound to find something to fit your personality and aesthetic. The best part is you can take them with you when you leave!



Lighting: We’re all familiar with the twenty-year-old light fixtures in most rentals that haven’t been changed out or cleaned in ages. There may even be dead bugs in them that create unique patterns when turned on. This is not the kind of design trick we want to embrace. Instead, shop local thrift or antique stores for fun light fixtures to replace the dull, yellowed fossils clinging to your ceiling. The right fixture can add life and personality where there was none before.



Peel & Stick Decals: Do you desperately want a chalkboard feature, but the landlord has strict rules about painting? Check out removable chalkboard wall decals. Want your favorite saying or life motto on the wall? You can find that too! You can even cover a stained laminate countertop with pretty contact paper. There’s a large variety of designs. They’re a snap to apply and can be removed (some are even reusable) if you move or change your mind.


On the Floor: Flooring can be boring. Fortunately, there are ways to disguise even the most offensive floors. If you’re disgusted with the laminate floor in your kitchen, cover it in removable stickers. Just find solid colors and use an alternating pattern. If you’re more into the farmhouse look of “Fixer Upper,” shop for large rugs that look like distressed wood patterns.  Lastly, if you want carpet options, layering throw rugs to fill a room can give you an eclectic, fun look without much commitment.


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