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You Said It: Highland Coffees

Is it important to save Highland Coffees?  Why or why not?


Sarah Labat


Sarah Labat: I think so, because I think it’s important that we have local businesses rather than just the bigger franchises out here, and it’s become a part of Baton Rouge in the last 25 years.



Ranae Meese


Ranae Meese: I think it is important to save Highland Coffees just because I’ve seen it all over the news and LSU students and other people in general go there a lot, and they get a lot of business, and I think its important just to have every morning.


Trever Berryman


Trever Berryman:  I think it is important because it’s been there forever and I feel like if it left it would totally change the way this community at LSU works, because many people gather there for assignments, or just to hang out, or to be alone for instance! I feel like Highland Coffees needs to stay.


Nathan Bradley


Nathan Bradley:  Yes, I think it’s important to save it because it is like a staple for LSU students to meet up and stuff.  I used to go there a lot.



Sierra Shafer


Sierra Shafer:  Yes!  It’s a historical place at LSU, it’s been open for a long time, a lot of people come there and enjoy it, why wouldn’t we?




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