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You Said It 11.19

Q: Do you own or listen to vinyl records? Why or why not?



Lauren Stefanski Lauren Stefanski: “I own many records. I love vinyl records because they are tangible. I think vinyl records produce a warmer sound.”




Harbir Kapany

Harbir Kapany: “I like older records or ones that are used. I like the aspect of ‘wabi-sabi’ or the imperfections of a record. No two records are completely the same. Each vinyl tells it’s own story about itself with every scratch.”




Alex Watson


Alex Watson: “I don’t have any records of my own, but I’ve considered buying some. I just haven’t gotten around to doing so.”




Matthew Haase

Matthew Haase: “I hear about vinyl records from friends time to time, but I don’t have any myself. It’s not a very accessible form of music these days.”




Kevin McMann

Kevin McMann: “I don’t listen to records, because I don’t have a turn table. My dad has one and I would listen to his, but I don’t have the funds to get one myself. I would love to get one, because vinyl sounds great.”


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