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You Shouldn’t Have… Really

By Rickey Miller

The holiday season is right around the corner and as a college student you may be thinking – “I don’t have the money to buy expensive gifts for my friends” or “I don’t even know where to begin shopping for that perfect gifts for my friends.” Well, since you have about a month to think about it, we at DIG decided to help you out. We’ve prepared a list of gifts you should leave behind.


  1. Books

Let’s face it, we have enough to read and even if you friends are book lovers, save your money and buy something more thoughtful. With a busy college schedule and demanding nightlife schedule, who has time to read novels for leisure?


  1. CDs

Because chances are your friends rarely use CD players. Buy an ITunes gift card instead, this way you can ensure that your friends buy exactly what they want to listen to on any of their devices. #CDsAreSo2000


  1. Undergarments

Unless it is a Victoria’s Secret gift card, leave this idea alone. Although it is a key essential to most people’s daily life, the idea of buying your friends underwear, bras or socks is simply just…awkward.


  1. Hand-Me-Downs

And this mostly includes those of you who occasionally receive gifts that you don’t like, so you pass them on to your friends. Trust us when we say if you didn’t like the gift we’re almost positive that your friends won’t like the gift either.


  1. Work Out Material

This means no workout videos, workout clothing or work out equipment. Why, you ask? Well, unless you want to send your friend a subliminal message that he or she is overweight and probably needs to hit the gym…it’s probably just not a good idea.


  1. Christmas Ornaments

Thanks, but no thanks. The problem with ornaments is you can only use them for about two good months and then the holiday season has passed. Instead, choose a gift that can be enjoyed all year round. And frankly, what is a college student going to do with an ornament?


  1. Personal Hygiene Products

This means no deodorant, toothpaste, toothbrushes, hair combs or mouthwash. It’s just rude. Although really comical, it’s probably not the best idea to possibly offend any of your friends.


  1. Fruit baskets

For obvious reasons, this is a really bad gift idea. First, the fruit will probably spoil before it’s ever eaten and furthermore there’s just no thought put into a premade fruit basket as a gift. Oh, and, by the way, no fruitcakes either.


  1. Gag Gifts.

For all you pranksters, one of the worst things you can do is give a gag gift as an actual holiday gift. However, if you decide not to take our advice and give your friend one of these really horrible gifts, make sure you follow your horrible gift with a really awesome special gift.


  1. Handwritten Holiday Card.

Umm… that was cute when we were 10 years old; however, as young adults, not so much. We understand you may not have the funds to go out and buy lavish gifts but if you’re going to give a heart-warm felt card at least buy it and feel free to write whatever message on the inside as you, please. Hey, and it doesn’t hurt to add a small gift card or cash inside.


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